Thursday, 30 June 2011

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The Best Seller by Arunabha Sengupta

Sengupta has developed a finely tempered blade of a book which takes artful slices at several pretentious elements of modern life.

Rated 5 stars by ForeWord Clarion Book Reviews

The story of a struggling author who lands up in Amsterdam, hunting for an agent or publisher to at least take a look at his manuscripts. As he prepares his synopses, SASE and sets of first three chapters, he works as a Ghost Blogger, tai chi instructor, an investigative journalist specialising in sting operations, and finally a messiah for the financial crisis by packaging together ancient Indian philosophy and the raunchier Woody Allen films. 
A roller coaster ride from psychoanalytic sessions in the sin city's Red Light District to author evenings in Pasadena, California - it is a unique journey. 

Among Amazon’s top selling books in select categories

Roman Lipi by K. Kasturi

Are you planning a visit to India as a tourist? Do you know that there are eleven major languages spoken there, each within a well defined geographical area ? Are you a member of the Indian diaspora in the West? Most probably your son and daughter might have lost touch with the language you left behind in India. You are eager for them to keep in touch but where is the help?

 The answer to the above mentioned problems is this book The author has devised a unique Romanized script common to all the major Indian languages. With the help of this e-book you can manage to express yourself in a rudimentary way in any Indian language


Big Apple 2 Bites: a novel of Love, 9/11 and Aikido 
– Arunabha Sengupta

"The novel is racy and the language is simple. The writer brings to the reader the scents and smells of America. The writer's exuberant prose regarding Aikido made me think of learning it too." ~ The Sunday Tribune.
"The novelist deals with great sensitivity with the issues of 9/11, the loss of jobs ... disillusion with the corporate environment. There is a lot of enjoyable humour. The entire book is written in the second person, adding a touch of freshness to the narrative." ~ The Journal of Commonwealth Literature.
"The only English novel from India to deal with the 9/11." ~ Geetha-Ganpathi Dore in Post Colonial Indian Novel in English

The novel deals with topics of weight and importance with an irreverence that is almost mocking, while dissecting the society and laying it bare, tipping more than its share of sacred cows ...

Perfectly Untraditional - Sweta Vikram Srivastava

Perfectly Untraditional unravels unconventional and untold tales of families, friendships, love, loyalty, relationships, and tradition."

A powerful, riveting, perfectly unique exploration of the tangle of relationships that is the modern Indian family.”

Conflict and Other Stories – Shubham Gupta

These short stories are a meticulous reflection on life and a subtle expression of the intricacies that it presents every moment with resounding ease and regularity. The effervescent style and the unexpected twists are what the author calls 'blinds,’ which extract new meanings from what we generally miss out in keeping with our hectic chores. They delve in love, relationships,  plain-storytelling, and in life, a life in which not everything is good, not everything bad. Plainly put, a life that just goes on and on..

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